What Does Every Successful Relationship Have?

Posted: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Honest, Open Communication

Honest, open communication not only builds and maintains trust, but it reinforces the connection that two people have and creates a healthier, loving relationship. Learning how to listen to your partner’s needs, fears, hopes, wants is just as important as being able to convey them.


I have heard many couples says “we had passion, but we lost it.” When a relationship lacks passion, people tend to lose interest. When people lose interest, they may resort to looking for somebody else that interests them. The good news is that with some work, effort, and commitment, you can regain that passion you once had. For passion to exist in a relationship, there must be a predominant male energy and a predominant female energy. That’s because polarity, or these opposite energies, create attraction. This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

We all have both masculine energy and feminine energy within us, but our core energy is what really comes into play in a romantic relationship. The energy a person operates from while at work may be different than their core energy. The important thing is that their energy is aligned with their core energy when it comes to their romantic relationship.

When it comes to a heterosexual romantic relationship, the man is usually the masculine energy and the woman is usually the feminine energy. When a man operates from the feminine energy in a romantic relationship, it can be emasculating for them, and they pull away from the relationship. When a woman operates from the masculine energy in a romantic relationship, it forces her into the role of provider and protector, and doesn’t allow her to feel attractive or sexy to her partner. When you operate from your partner’s predominant or core energy, you are taking away from their core energy and creating a wedge between the two of you. This type of relationship tends to be passionless. To get that passion back, both people must realign with their core energy.

Masculine Energy Traits - Being a leader, provider, protector, giver, aggressive, analytical, rational, logical, and objective. Wanting to take care of your significant other and having natural survival instincts. Takes control of situations and tends to be more of a risk taker.
Do not confuse male energy with being controlling, uncaring, or lacking compassion.

Feminine Energy Traits – Needing to feel safe and protected. Patient, emotional, nurturer, unselfish, receiver, and wanting to do good for others. Vulnerable and can let go of control.
Do not confuse female energy with being powerless or wanting to be controlled.

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